Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycle versus Repurposing....Is it the same?

One of the places that I talk about my goings on s on http://www.brocanteurvintage.blogspot.com/ which is one of my many blogs.  There I talk about the business that I do and what shows I have scheduled, etc.  On this blog I want to try and keep it directed towards the processing that I go thru when I do what I do.  This could be difficult for me since I have a VERY short attention span.  I will try, however, to keep on track.

One looming project is getting ready for the next 4 shows that I have coming up.  What merchandise to take to which show, etc.  In some respects it should be easy; recycle show, I take recycled merchandise, or I should say things made by recycling.  The vintage faire, take vintage merchandise.  Kinda along those lines.  Well, it really isn't that easy.  I am finding that I cross over in so many areas that it is really all recyled, somewhat.  Things that have been salvaged from the recycle center or Goodwill are really being given a new life in someone else's home or as a "new" product.  Isn't that what recycling is about?  Vintage (or old) merchandise is being sold at an enormous rate in this business.  And since it isn't new are we all doing a bit of recycling?  I wonder.

Chandelier made from old salt and pepper shakers
 You see, if the truth be told, I was never a big recycler.  I never saved my cans or bottles or sorted out my paper and plastic......NEVER.  Until I started in this business it never even entered my mind that I was doing something just by the mere fact that I took old jewelry apart and made new from it.  Oh yes, that, my friend is known as repurposing.  Well, well, who knew.  So now I can really say that I am doing my itsy bitsy part to help the earth be a better place.  But most of all I am doing what I love to do.   Go figure.......................

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