Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycle versus Repurposing....Is it the same?

One of the places that I talk about my goings on s on http://www.brocanteurvintage.blogspot.com/ which is one of my many blogs.  There I talk about the business that I do and what shows I have scheduled, etc.  On this blog I want to try and keep it directed towards the processing that I go thru when I do what I do.  This could be difficult for me since I have a VERY short attention span.  I will try, however, to keep on track.

One looming project is getting ready for the next 4 shows that I have coming up.  What merchandise to take to which show, etc.  In some respects it should be easy; recycle show, I take recycled merchandise, or I should say things made by recycling.  The vintage faire, take vintage merchandise.  Kinda along those lines.  Well, it really isn't that easy.  I am finding that I cross over in so many areas that it is really all recyled, somewhat.  Things that have been salvaged from the recycle center or Goodwill are really being given a new life in someone else's home or as a "new" product.  Isn't that what recycling is about?  Vintage (or old) merchandise is being sold at an enormous rate in this business.  And since it isn't new are we all doing a bit of recycling?  I wonder.

Chandelier made from old salt and pepper shakers
 You see, if the truth be told, I was never a big recycler.  I never saved my cans or bottles or sorted out my paper and plastic......NEVER.  Until I started in this business it never even entered my mind that I was doing something just by the mere fact that I took old jewelry apart and made new from it.  Oh yes, that, my friend is known as repurposing.  Well, well, who knew.  So now I can really say that I am doing my itsy bitsy part to help the earth be a better place.  But most of all I am doing what I love to do.   Go figure.......................

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brocante Dilettante #1

The definition of dilettante is:  an admirer or lover of the arts; a person who takes up an art, activity or subject merely for amusement.

That pretty much sums it up.  I am a brocante dilettante.  My passion for the old and unusual has always been with me from an early age.  Flea markets (or brocantes as the French refer to them) are a wondrous place where your imagination makes assumptions as to the history or origin of a particular item.  Interest always lies in the true background or providence of a piece but we, no doubt, let our minds run wild with speculation of times long ago.  This passion, as I call it, began not too very long ago but long enough to know that it is the one thing that keeps my attention and juices flowing.  The thrill of the hunt and the anticipation that I may find a treasure of a lifetime.  It amuses me.

 France has always been my "second home" , if only in my head.  Having visited France, I can tell you that it was exactly as I had hoped, actually better.  It will always be #1 on my wish list to live in France someday.  Now, all I have to do is convince my husband that he wants that, too.

I am a brocante dilettante......................are you?